Texts to recite to welcome masters

10 Sep 2019

Livrets de prièresOn the occasion of the arrival of Gyalwa Karmapa, auspicious prayers are recited at the moment of his arrival as well as before his departure.
It is a collection, among others, taking refuge, generating the enlightened mind, a seven branch prayer, a mandala offering of the universe and supports for enlightenment, long life prayer, dedication and wishes.
During the event, we will replace the prayer of prompt return of Kunzig Shamar Rinpoche by a prayer to the lineage of the Sharmapas. (If you already have the booklet, please print this prayer to complete it.)

All prayers can be downloaded here:


• Phonetics – English Version | pdf

• Phonetics – English Version | epub


Don’t forget anything before leaving home for Dhagpo!

(Little reminders for a pleasant stay)

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