Before completing the online registration at the bottom of the page, take the time to read the follow-ing information in order to organize your visit to Dhagpo well.

N’oublie rien avant de partir pour Dhagpo !

Don’t forget anything before leaving home for Dhagpo 

(little reminders for a pleasant stay)

N'oublie pas tes billets Don’t forget your tickets (paper or digital)!

They will provide access to the teachings and meals. (No need for bracelets nor badges!)

You’ll find that you can download them from the mail you received when you bought your tickets online.

GourdeRemember to bring your own bottle!
Several sources of water will be available on site to refill them.

The distribution of plastic water bottles has been replaced by the use of individual bottles.
→ Learn more about it


Livrets de prières

Download the auspicious prayer booklet.

It is a collection of texts that will be recited at different moments of this event. If you already have one, there is also an updated version. 

PDF→ Find out more (information and downloads).


Apporte ton coussin de méditationBring your meditation cushion!

There will be many people, and Dhagpo can’t provide cushions for everyone. In order to be comfortable at the teaching, bring along your favorite cushion*!
* Don’t bring a chair, there will be many on site.


Un espace est dédié aux parents avec leurs enfantsA space will be set aside for parents with children!

That way, the parents will have access to the teaching all the while remaining with their children and the children will have an area set apart for play.

pense à apporter tout ton matérielCamping friend, remember to bring all your material because Dhagpo can’t provide anything.

The camping is only open for the few days of this event, therefore there is no material available.

Nuits froidesAttention please : nights are already cold and humid in Dordogne at this time of the year.



There is an early bird price for course fees.
To help with the organization of registration, we offer a discounted fee for all payments prior to Au-gust 13. With the help of early registration, we will be better able to manage the event as a whole.

  • Until August 12, the early bird course fee: 30€/day
  • Starting August 13: 35€/day

– Special pricing for teens (13-17) is available: contact the welcome center
Financial situation should not be an obstacle to your visit; don’t hesitate to contact us.

Meals and Lodging:

Fees for meals and lodging (campground) are on a sliding scale according to your monthly income, which allows us to welcome as many people as possible.
Find the letter that corresponds with your category in the chart below; you will need it to choose the appropriate fees for your registration at the bottom of the page.

● A: less than 950 €        ◘ B: from 950 €to 1500 €        ■ C: more than 1500 €

Income Category ● A ◘ B ■ C
Lunch (The number of meals available has been reached) 3,50 € 6 € 7 €
Dinner (The number of meals available has been reached) 3 € 5 € 6 €
Campground (per night, per person) 4 € 6 € 8 €


Dear Friends from Russia,
We have learnt that the payment system of the online ticketing is unfortunately not working for any payments coming from Russia. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.
Many of you could already get around the problem going through the help of some friends abroad. We are grateful for this supportive process. However, if this would not be possible for you, please get in contact with the reception.


Teachings will be given in English and translated in French.
There will be translation headsets in the teaching tent for German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Czech and Polish

Please Note: We have a limited number of headsets. Please only make a reservation if you do not sufficiently understand the teachings in English or French.


Meals reservations can only be made online.
No meals will be sold onsite.
It is therefore, essential that you pre-register before August 25. (Please note: the number of meals available is limited.)

Hot meals will be served for lunch and dinner:
Lunch is gluten and lactose free. The number of meals available has been reached [Last Update: 11/08/19 ] – Dinner may contain gluten and lactoseThe number of meals available has been reached [Last Update: 18/08/19 ]

During the event, breakfast will not be served at the dining hall. However, there will be coffee and breakfast pastries available for sale onsite.

There will be a snack bar open for lunch and dinner. It will be serving quick meals (sandwiches, etc), notably for those who were unable to reserve their meals.


Onsite camping will be possible solely from September 19 (the day before the event) to September 23 (the day after the event, in the morning).
The price is per person, per night (and not per tent).
Please note: space is limited.

– To avoid fire hazards, the use of any type of camp stove etc. for cooking and campfires are strictly prohibited.
– Please bring your own camping gear; Dhagpo will not provide camping gear.
– Please be aware that this is a temporary campground without electricity and with very little shade, but with water access.

If you prefer to stay outside the center, we can provide you with a list of nearby lodgings (hotels, bed and breakfasts, campgrounds, etc). * PDF


For the wellbeing of all visitors, animals are not authorised on the premises.

Note: We set up the following ticketing system using the free platform of an open source site called HelloAsso. When you make your payment, the system offers you the possibility of making a donation to support their work. For more information and a translation of their messages, click on the following images: