An occasion to cultivate mindfulness towards the environment

10 Sep 2019

These three days at Dhagpo are also an occasion to cultivate mindfulness towards the environment

Aim: Minimize Waste


  ■ Around mealtimes

Before eating:

  • Vegetable and fruit peels are composted for Dhagpo’s garden

During meals:

  • no more takeaway lunch bags
  • no more throwaway plates and cutlery
  • no more plastic bottles
  • no more products in individual portions

After snacks:

  • food scraps are given to animals

And our cooks are pleased to serve up gluten and lactose-free meals at lunch and dinner time. 🙂

■ Across the siteApporte ta gourdeThe distribution of plastic water bottles is replaced by the use of individual bottles. So bring your own bottle – there are several water outlets available across the site

Simple and beneficial gestures that are useful to all!


Don’t forget anything before leaving home for Dhagpo

(Little reminders for a pleasant stay)

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